Barns Green 17-21 Littlehampton

12th October 2014

After  the moral building  win against Chichester 2 weeks ago  Littlehampton  faced the tricky away fixture to Barns  Green who sat one place above them in the league.

On arrival at  the changing facilities in the heart of Barns Green welcomed by  small rivers running  through the roads from all the recent rain the squad  prepared themselves for  a 10 minute cross country walk to get to the pitch which  on arrival had  quite alot of standing water in places  but was otherwise very playable and after the obligatory studs inspection   the referee  was ready to  go.

From the start  neither  team managed to  take the upper hand, both making  errors until after 10 minutes Ian Ritchie managed to steal the ball at a breakdown and broke through  the  defence  and  with some solid    passing  and recycling   Littlehampton  got there reward when Gavin Simmons  was driven over  to score the opening points .. Ben Best added the extras to   take the visitors 7-0

Unfazed by the  the deficict Barns Green restarted  strongly and   with the help of a couple of missed tackles    Barns Green centre managed to  slice through the Littlehampton line to score in the corner 7-5

The remainder of the first half is fairly evenly matched other than Barns Green thinking they have scored in the opposite corner  but they are held up  and Littlehampton steal the  from scrum and clear to bring the whistle for half time


After the break  Barns Green come out with all guns firing  and  after another 5 minutes of pressure on the visitors  they manage to unzip the back line again  and another missed tackle allows   the  Barns Green centre  in for his second try  with the  extras added they take the lead 7-12

Once again  the  next 20 minutes as  very back and fore with both teams making errors but  Barns   miss the chance of extending there lead by missing 2 kickable penalties but  continue to apply  pressure on  the visitors until  over stretching themselves allows  LA to steal the ball at  the breakdown and ship it it wide where Ben Best is waiting and  runs onto the ball to break through the defence and run clear, a well timed pass to Bruce Brogan in support and  good recycling after the tackle  sees the ball returned back to Best  to  score to level  up  and Mike Edmunds adds the extras to go   back into a 12-14 lead.

Spurred on by the  last score Littlehampton   go straight  back on the attack which soon sees them deep in  there hosts territory and  Barns  conceeding a penalty which is quickly taken and Elliott  ships to Gary Keirle  who crashes  the line  and times his offload  to Brogan perfectly and Brogan  scores under the post’s .. Best once again slots the  kick to open up a deserved 12-21 lead

Once again  Barns Green   restart  with vigour and  with excellent team interplay  are soon scoring again themselves to close the gap to 4 points 17-21

The remaining  10 minutes  turn out to be a tough spell for Littlehampton  but they  prove themselves upto the  task and manage to hold  them out to take  the points  for another win which sees them move upto 3rd in the league.

Next week Littlehampton  host Worthing seniors 2


Simmons, Newman,Clarke,Keirle,Rose,Ritchie,Coles,Strange,Elliott,Grady,Brogan,Edmunds,Atkinson,Best,Hoare


Pearson,Bull,Funnell (all used) Quinney