Burgess Hill 0 – 93 Littlehampton

24th September 2017

Littlehampton earned their 1st win with confidence, a full complement and 3 subs for an away game is a big achievement following last season which saw the rugby club fighting for survival.

Within minutes from kick-off  Gavin Wood  found himself scoring with Ben Best converting.
It was not long after that, that Harry Perry the Littlehampton scrum half, back from an injury, scored, Ben Best converted. Then followed Craig Boddington, Matt Atkinson and Scott Daley all running in with tries with Mike Edmunds converting the last one.
With as many points as minutes, Littlehampton soon realised that this was their game, Burgess Hill was struggling to cope with the onslaught.

With Ben Best using his speed to score, growing in confidence, players were starting to run with the ball with Toby Redman  crashing through from the halfway line for a try that Harry Perry converted. Gavin Wood making another break, passed to Matt Atkinson to score,  0 – 48  at half-time.

Littlehampton’s captain Gareth Rose, showing good sportsmanship, lent the home team some of his players to boost their team. The second-half still found Littlehampton dominating the game with Nial Hogan scoring and converting.

Gary Kierle was making many breaking runs, moving Littlehampton forward with support from the backs and with a quick ball out to Matt Atkinson he was over for his third try, with a turnover ball  Gavin Wood scored and Harry Perry converted.

Burgess Hill was still trying to make a game of it with their forwards trying to settle the game but with plenty of tackles from Littlehampton, they could not find a way through.

New player Gavin Myring, playing on the wing, was over for a try then unstoppable Gary Kierle got his reward with a try, soon afterwards Scott Dailey was scoring with a steady and controlling play with Littlehampton Ben Best, who still had legs left, side stepping several Burgess Hill players and scored and converted.

Final score  0  –  93

Next week Chichester 4 at home.