Littlehampton 48 – 0 Shoreham 2’s (Harveys Sussex Vase QF)

19th October 2017

Littlehampton vs Shoreham 2 – Harveys Sussex Vase – Quarter Final

14th October 2017 – 2pm KO

Off the back of a victory Littlehampton sort to continue the drive against Shoreham 2’s.

From the outset both teams looked very equal, both having time in each other’s half. Shoreham showed the most promise with a driving scrum, which Littlehampton had no answer.

It took 22 minutes for the first try, and it came from Matt Aitkinson. A great offload from Bryan on the wing released Matt to go over the line. Ben Best takes the conversion into the wind and unfortunately hits the post, 5-0.

The first try seemed to give Littlehampton everything they needed to attack and make serious gains. 5 minutes after the last, Bruce Moite is under the posts for another try, Harry Perry converts 12-0.

Littlehampton continue to attack with Shoreham now getting stuck in to try and get something on the board before the first half in over. Plenty of hands in the ruck and no rolling away. Littlehampton should of got them out of there for an easier bit of play.

Just before half time, Craig Boddington jumps over the ruck to get another try for Littlehampton.

17-0 and half time.

Littlehampton kick off and Shoreham have possession for a while until Littlehampton turn over the ball. Littlehampton seem to up their tempo going forward and the resulting effort see Matt Aitkinson over the line for his second try 22-0, no conversion.

The trend continues for the remainder of the second half, Littlehampton have taken the inspiration of the first half and are now on a significant roll. Shoreham unable to get out of their half let alone their 22. Littlehampton score 2 tries in quick succession 29-0 Gary Keirle with Harry Perry converting followed by another try by Craig Boddington 34-0, no conversion.

With just minutes to go Craig Boddington is over the line yet again for his third try of the day, along with Harry Perry’s conversion 41-0. Shoreham kick off, Littlehampton collect the ball and run straight back at them. With a great bit of passing, Lee Bailey was released and yet another try over the line, Harry Perry converts yet again 48-0.

Giving credit to Shoreham, they did not lie down. They fort all the way to the end of the match.

Final score 48-0.

Littlehampton are back, playing some great rugby and showing what is possible when you play as a team. If you are interested in getting involved, training is at Littlehampton Academy every Wednesday 6:30pm.

Carl Keirle, Bryan Newman, Kyle Phillips, Joey Chappell, Gareth Rose, Gavin Wood, Craig Boddington, Harry Perry, Ben Best, Gavan Myring, Toby Redman, Bruce Moite, Jamie White, Matt Aitkinson, Gary Keirle, Phil Morely, Ollie Sambrook, Lee Bailey.